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3 Signs You Need Your Oil Tank Removed

Like any appliance, oil tanks can wear and leak. Unfortunately, this means that you lose money on heating oil you purchased that was already in the tank. It also means you will need an oil tank removal professional to come and take the damaged tank away so that you can install another one. Here are three tell-tale signs that it’s time to have your tank removed and replaced.

1, Your Oil Tank is Older

Knowing that your oil tank is over 10 years old is a good sign that it may need to be removed. With underground tanks, it can be hard to tell when there are smaller problems that may turn into larger issues and create leaks. For instance, oil tanks can rust and form tiny holes. This is impossible to see without digging up your tank. As a cautionary measure, it’s helpful to dig up your oil tank every 3 to 5 years to check on its level of wear. This can save you from the safety hazards, costs, and headaches that can come along with a worn tank leaking oil into your home, yard, or ground water. 

2. It Costs More to Heat Your Home

If you find yourself needing to purchase oil more frequently than usual, and this is happening on a consistent basis, it is definitely a sign that you need to at least check the status of your tank. For underground tanks, this means digging the tank up in order to physically see it. It can be difficult to pinpoint an oil tank problem via heating costs because some times of year can be colder than others, meaning you will use more heating oil than normal.

3. You Smell Oil

Whether you have an outdoor tank or an indoor tank, when you are smelling a strong stench of oil, it’s time to get your tank removed. You’ll only be able to smell oil if the leak in your tank is severe or prolonged. In either case, this may mean paying for clean up of your property and nearby properties. Depending upon where you live, you may also be charged for contaminating ground water. The only way to stop the leak, granted there’s any oil left, is to remove the tank completely. 

If you think your oil tank has any of these symptoms, be sure to contact an oil tank removal specialist like one from Environmental Management Associates Inc as soon as possible. 

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