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Posted by on Jul 13, 2015 in Uncategorized |

To Bag Or Not To Bag: 3 Common Waste Management Issues That Could Be Your Fault

It doesn’t matter if you have city waste management services or if you use a private contractor for your waste pickup, there is usually an issue. The truth is, issues with billing or with pickup dates are rarely the problem. The majority of issues stem from pickup related problems and guidelines that customers may be overlooking with their trash company. If you have ongoing issues with your waste management provider, consider the following guidelines that can be caused by customers and not the company.

Bagging Items

When you get in a rush to get the trash out, usually the night before pick-up, you may be asking yourself if you really need to bag up everything. The answer for most waste management companies is a resounding yes. There are various reasons for this, including the fact that some companies still have waste workers on the truck that have to fish out the trash if it gets stuck in the can or drops from the side of the truck.

If it isn’t bagged, they have to put their hands on it and this could put them in a dangerous situation where they are exposed to chemicals or toxic items including needles. If your trash isn’t picked up, and your can is full of unbagged trash, take a few minutes and bag it up before the next pickup.

Glass Items

Some waste management companies will have guidelines regarding the proper disposal of glass items in trash bins. Some state they will not pick up glass items while others will have glass picked up with recycling on a specific day of the month or week.

If you are tossing large amounts of glass, like baby food jars or coffee jars, into your trash and it is being overlooked, then chances are you are overlooking the proper way to dispose of the glass. Revisit the guidelines or contact your waste management company to ensure the proper steps for glass disposal.

Traditional Garbage Bins

There are times when you clean the yard, clean the house, or do some weekend projects. These tasks can lead to a larger amount of waste than you would normally have. You may be tempted to place your can out alongside traditional garbage bins to make sure all the trash is picked up by waste management. The truth is, many waste management companies will only handle their can and leave your cans untouched. Instead of using this method, consider calling the company to determine if you can get another can or if there is a drop off area for your remaining trash and waste.

These are just three of the common waste management issues that could be your fault. If you are experiencing these issues try revisiting the guidelines or discussing the problem with your waste management provider to find a better solution.