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Five Myths About Mice And The Truth Behind Them

Although mice have lived alongside of humans for millennia, many myths still abound about these tiny little creatures. In some cases, the myths surrounding their existence make it harder for homeowners to successfully remove mice from their homes. If you want a mouse-free home, here’s the truth you need to know about some common mice myths and misconceptions:

1. Myth: Mice love cheese.

Fueled by cartoon fantasy, many people bait their mice traps with cheese. Mice will eat cheese, but they are not very discerning gourmands and will also eat their own feces. If you really want to successfully bait a mouse, think about the foods they eat in the wild and serve that up on your traps. Seeds and nut spreads work the best and are the most beloved mice snacks.

2. Myth: Mice are not prolific breeders.

The world is full of commentary on the breeding power of rabbits, but that reputation is only related to the fact that rabbits are one of the few mammals who ovulate on demand rather than cyclically. In spite of that fact, all of the rabbit-based breeding sentiments should be refocused on mice.

Mice are the most prolific breeders in the animal kingdom. They take only 19 to 21 days to gestate, they are fully grown and ready to breed by 50 days of age, and their litters have an average of six babies. That means that if a single pregnant mama mouse moves into your home, you could have well over two dozen mice in your house in less than three months.

3. Myth: Mice can be seen if they are living in a house.

You don’t have to see mice to know they are there, and in many cases, homeowners do not see the mice that have infested their homes. Rather, they find proof such as mouse droppings along their baseboards, under sinks, and in the corners of rooms. Additionally, if you see a mouse, it is usually an indication that many more are hiding in the walls as well.

4. Myth: Mice only live in very dirty homes.

Mice are opportunist, and they will move into homes where there is food available. However, you certainly don’t have to be a slob to attract mice to your home. Mice can smell the tiniest dropped crumbs and thrive off them. In fact, mice have such a strong sense of smell that some airline companies use mice to detect explosives.  

5. Myth: Mice are scared of people.

In most cases, mice will run away when they see people, but they are not innately scared of you. Mice pee constantly to mark their territory, and if they decide that your bed or the inside of their couch is their territory, they won’t hesitate to run there. To learn more about mice removal, speak with a business like Environmental Services Pest Control.

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