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Asbestos Removal & Renovating A Home: What Must Be Done Before You Start

When remodeling, it is vital for your home to be inspected by an environmental specialist before you remove any materials that may possibly contain asbestos. Removing materials containing asbestos will put you at risk for getting cancer, which can happen if asbestos is inhaled. Find out how materials with asbestos should be removed and what a professional will charge to do it for you.

What Should Be Done Before Removing Materials That May Contain Asbestos?

An environmental specialist will have to visit your home to inspect the materials that you are removing for the renovation project. Some of the materials that sometimes contain asbestos include drywall, floor tiles and insulation. You must get permission from the city agency in charge of environmental quality before you can do anything, and they will automatically send a specialist to your home when you alert them of your project.

If there is asbestos in the materials being removed, you may have to get a permit to carry out the task. However, small amounts of asbestos can usually be removed without a permit. It is also possible for the environmental specialist to not allow you to remove any materials on your own if friable asbestos is found in your home. The reason is due to friable asbestos being highly harmful and placing your health at risk for mesothelioma. It is important for materials containing friable asbestos to be removed by a trained professional to keep you safe.

How Much Does Professional Asbestos Removal Cost?

When your home is inspected by an environmental specialist, he or she will let you know every area that contains asbestos. The cost for removal will depend on where the asbestos is located and how much is being removed. You can expect a professional to charge you an average of $1,500 to $30,000 to get rid of the asbestos in your home. No matter how much asbestos removal ends up costing, it is in your best interest to get if removed as soon as possible.

Renovating a home can be exciting and having to wait for an asbestos inspection can be frustrating. However, you must not move forward until you have been granted permission to remove certain materials to avoid harming your health and releasing asbestos into the environment. Contact an asbestos removal company like Alm Abatements to make sure harmful materials are moved the right way! In many areas, DIY removal is actually illegal, so be sure to work with experts to keep yourself and your wallet safe.

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