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Your House Is Full Of Recyclables, Not Junk

When planning a major housecleaning project, don’t assume that everything you don’t want is junk to be thrown away. Your home is full of items that can be reconditioned or recycled. Do some research on local recycling centers to find out which ones can take the following items off of your hands.

Large Appliances

You may have an old refrigerator in the garage or clothes washer in the basement that you’ve been meaning to throw away. If they are operational at all, an appliance refurbishing company will take them to recondition and sell. Many will offer to pick them up for free. If they don’t work at all, you can still get rid of them at a scrap metal company. Small appliances such as toasters and microwaves are often not recyclable. Call around to small independent repair companies and you may find someone who will take them and try to get them working again to resell.

Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

Metal sinks, tubs and shower stalls can be given to scrap metal companies. If you have an old porcelain tub, sink or toilet that is not chipped or stained, they can be recycled. Fiberglass showers and bathtubs cannot be recycled, but you can recycle the glass doors on a shower.

Flooring Scraps

Some of the materials left over from a remodeling project can be recycled. A carpet that does not have stains or water damaged can be recycled but the pad under the carpet needs to be thrown away. Ceramic tile can be recycled if it can be salvaged in large sections. Granite and marble tiles can be reused if they aren’t cracked. Local recycling centers that handle construction waste may take broken tiles to be crushed for fill.

Other Home Remodeling Waste

Roof shingles made of asphalt can be recycled into roadway repair material. Wooden shingles can be recycled as mulch. Any large pieces of wood left from a roof or attic project can also be recycled. Old plumbing materials such as steel and copper pipes are recyclable. All plastic drain and water pipes must be discarded. Steel and copper electrical wires can also go into the recycling bin. Some exterior remodeling materials can be recycled such as cement blocks, clay bricks, and stones from a walking path or retaining wall.

Yard and Garden Materials

Donate excess bags of topsoil, peat moss or fertilizer to a local community garden along with any gardening tools you no longer need. They can also make use of any flower pots or seed trays.

Your home is full of items and material that can be reused or recycled. Don’t just fill up a dumpster the next time you do a major house cleaning project. Sort through the house for things that still have some life in them. Contact a recycling center like American Northwest Recycling for more information.

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