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Inexpensive Ways Of Keeping Your Gas Consumption Low

Do you want to minimize your propane gas usage during the cold season? There are many ways of doing this, but some of them aren’t exactly cheap. Here are a few inexpensive measures that you can try:

Fill the Holes Around Electrical Boxes

Do your exterior boxes have some electrical boxes in them? If they do, then you are probably losing some heated air around those places. In most houses, the boxes do not have proper insulation around and behind them, which leads to considerable drafts.

Luckily, this is something you can easily fix. You just need to remove the cover plates in the boxes and fill the small gaps with acrylic latex caulk. Next, cover the outlet with a foam gasket and then replace the cover plate. If you handle the work yourself, then you will just spend the few dollars for buying foam.

Seal the Gaps Around Wall Extrusions

Apart from electrical boxes, extrusions in your walls may also have some gaps around them. Plumbing fixtures such as gas lines and water pipes, as well as electrical cables, are the common causes of these gaps. During installation, contractors use different kinds of caulks to fill them, but these dry off and let in cool air from outside. If that is the case, then you should get some expanding foam to fill the holes.

Cover the Windows Panes

Windows are some of the most common routes through which heat loss occur. Replacing your windows with more energy efficient ones would be ideal, but that is going to cost you considerable money. Assuming that there are no gaps around the frame, a cheaper alternative is to cover the windows with a film of clear plastic. Do the same for other openings covered by large glasses, for example, sliding patio doors. They are inexpensive, and there are even scratch-resistant varieties to maintain your window aesthetics.

Take Care of the Space Around the Chimney

Lastly, if you have a chimney, then you may also be losing some warm air through the chimney, thereby causing your furnace to work extra hard.  Don’t forget that closing the chimney flue doesn’t make the area airtight; some warm air will still escape.

Have you heard of a chimney balloon? This is an inflatable balloon that blocks the airflow whenever you are not using the chimney. You are supposed to take it down while using the chimney, but even if you don’t, they are designed to self-deflate when there is a fire in the chimney.

All these measures are meant to keep cold air outside the house, and to keep the heated air inside. If you don’t do this, then your furnace will consume more gas to heat up the extra air.

For more information about propane and propane tanks, contact Anderson’s Propane or a similar company.


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